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L3Harris Technologies Selected for Future US Weather Satellite Imager Design Phase Study
04/06/2021 | L3Harris Technologies
BAE Systems Successfully Tests SABER Technology for Compass Call Upgrade
04/06/2021 | BAE Systems
NASA’s Mars Helicopter Survives First Cold Martian Night on Its Own
04/06/2021 | NASA JPL
Elbit Systems of America Completes Acquisition of Sparton Corporation
04/06/2021 | Sparton Corp.
IMI Celebrates 50th Anniversary
04/05/2021 | IMI, Inc.
NASA’s BioSentinel Team Prepares CubeSat For Deep Space Flight
04/05/2021 | NASA
Eltek Reports Full Year and Fourth Quarter 2020 Financial Results
04/05/2021 | Eltek
Geometric Energy to Launch Aboard Falcon 9 Rideshare Mission
04/02/2021 | PRNewswire
Velodyne Lidar Announces Multi-Year Agreement with AGM Systems LLC
04/01/2021 | Business Wire
NASA’s Europa Clipper Builds Hardware, Moves Toward Assembly
04/01/2021 | NASA JPL
Sensors Collect Crucial NASA Data on Mars Environment With Perseverance Landing
04/01/2021 | NASA JPL
UCF Scientist's Unique Camera Will Investigate the Moon's South Pole
04/01/2021 | PRNewswire
Elbit Systems Acquires BAE Systems Rokar
04/01/2021 | Elbit Systems
UK Ministry of Defence Awards $21M to Support Common Missile Warning System
04/01/2021 | BAE Systems
Insulectro Picks Paul Welter for Director of Sales for Dupont Chemistry Line
04/01/2021 | Insulectro
I-Connect007 Releases Special Annual Show & Tell Magazine
04/01/2021 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
BAE Systems Wins $42.5M Contract for Landing Systems Integration Support
03/31/2021 | BAE Systems
Lockheed Martin Awarded $1 Billion Contract for Precision Fires All-Weather Rocket
03/30/2021 | Lockheed Martin
BAE Systems Australia Invests in Hypersonic Weapons Capabilities
03/30/2021 | BAE Systems
NASA Begins Final Assembly of Spacecraft Destined for Asteroid Psyche
03/30/2021 | NASA
Arlon EMD Introduces 84HP Prepreg to Compliment the 85HP Laminate System
03/29/2021 | Arlon EMD
KYZEN to Present at SMTA China East Conference
03/29/2021 | KYZEN'
Multimillion-Euro Contract Goes to Rheinmetall
03/29/2021 | Rheinmetall
Flight Control Technology Set to Dive Underwater for Marine Mobility
03/29/2021 | BAE Systems
Australian Defence Force Takes Control With Inmarsat Virtual Satellite System
03/29/2021 | Inmarsat
Elbit Systems Deutschland to Supply XACT nv33 Night Vision Goggles to German Police
03/26/2021 | Elbit Systems
Smiths Detection to Supply Screening Equipment to Kuwait International Airport
03/26/2021 | Business Wire
North American PCB Industry Sales Up 6.1% in February
03/26/2021 | IPC
NASA Provides $45M Boost to U.S. Small Businesses
03/26/2021 | NASA
Robotic Assistance Devices to Integrate EAGL Gunshot Detection Technology
03/25/2021 | Business Wire

Raytheon Intelligence & Space to Continue to Support U.S. Navy Counter Narco-Terrorism Operations
03/25/2021 | Raytheon Company
Lockheed Martin Awarded $3.7 Billion to Modernize Key Missile Defense Mission
03/25/2021 | Lockheed Martin
Incap Produces Electronics for NASA's Lunar Mission Cameras
03/25/2021 | Incap
Accurate Circuit Engineering Inc. Chooses atg Flying Probe Technology
03/24/2021 | atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH
New Vision, Analysis Capability Improves Autonomy, Safety of Elbit Systems’ Seagull USV
03/24/2021 | Elbit Systems
Nortech Systems Announces 2020 Results
03/24/2021 | Business Wire
Dr. Nathan Blattau, R&D Fellow at Ansys, to Present at SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting
03/24/2021 | SMTA
UK Space Sector Gets £1 Million Government Boost to Support International Innovation
03/23/2021 | UK Space Agency
L3Harris Technologies Providing EWS for F-16 Multirole Fighter
03/23/2021 | Business Wire
Lockheed Martin, Omnispace Explore Space-Based 5G Global Network
03/23/2021 | Lockheed Martin
Comtech Awarded Follow-on Order for Over $1.0 Million for Military X-band SSPAs
03/23/2021 | Business Wire
Cutting-edge Ground Recorders to Measure X-59 Quiet Supersonic Flights
03/23/2021 | NASA
Kepler Communications Announces Successful Launch of 2 New GEN1 Satellites
03/23/2021 | Globe Newswire
Absolute EMS Invests in High-End, Large Format Wave Solder System
03/23/2021 | Absolute EMS, Inc.
Eutelsat Selects Airbus for Key Orbital Slot with EUTELSAT 36D Satellite
03/22/2021 | Airbus
Advanced Electronics Company Appoints Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam as CEO
03/22/2021 | AEC
Boeing, NASA Complete Hot Fire Test of Space Launch System Core Stage for Artemis I
03/22/2021 | Boeing
Intel, DARPA Develop Secure Structured ASIC Chips Made in the US
03/22/2021 | Intel
Team Cohort to Develop Multi-Domain, Multi-Autonomous Vehicle Control System for Canadian Warships
03/18/2021 | PRWEB
Evitalz Signs Up as New Inmarsat Fleet Connect Dedicated Bandwidth Application Provider
03/18/2021 | Inmarsat
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