NEO Tech Accelerates LEAN Implementation at Fremont, California Site

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NEO Tech, a global supplier of electronic engineering and manufacturing services, has made significant progress on its LEAN continuous improvement initiative at its Fremont, California manufacturing facility—making newly available over 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space. In early 2015 open space for growth in the Fremont site was limited. Since the formation of NEO Tech in April, the site accelerated its LEAN activities and has embarked on numerous 5S and Kaizen events. The site team embraced the principals of LEAN and empowered employees which resulted in an amazing transformation in the last four months.

A few highlights of the results include:

  • Freeing up over 15,000 square feet of factory space
  • Inventory reduction of 7% through the switching to Kanban stocking systesm
  • Reducing travel distance by 80% and streamline the process between the component kitting area and the SMT surface mount process
  • Moved numerous separated batch process into one-piece flow processes in the back-end box build production for several customers.

The LEAN initiative is being accelerated in various phases, the current focus being on reducing waste and creating space for growth. Through increased LEAN focus NEO Tech plans to reach over 30,000 sq. ft. of space freed up at the Fremont site by the end of 2015, creating additional capacity and scalability for current and future NEO Tech customers.

"There is nothing like taking down a chain link fence between steps in a process to get the people to see the progress we are making," stated Martin Matos, NEO Tech Fremont General Manager. "The Fremont team is visually seeing the results of their efforts leading to a heightened sense of empowerment."

"NEO Tech has undertaken an amazing transformation in the few months since the merger of OnCore and NATEL," said David Brakenwagen, NEO Tech Chief Sales Officer. "We are proud to show off the Fremont site to new customers seeking Bay Area manufacturing partners."

About NEO Tech

NEO Tech combines the strengths of three leading contract manufacturers: NATELEPIC, and OnCore. With over 40 years of heritage in electronics manufacturing, NEO Tech focuses on low-medium volume/high-mix, high-complexity products primarily in the medical, defense/aerospace and industrial markets.

NEO Tech is favorably positioned among mid-tier EMS manufacturers to “make amazing things happen.” NEO Tech offers full product lifecycle engineering services, manufacturing and testing of  microelectronics, cable & harness interconnect products, PCBA, full box build services and aftermarket repair and fulfillment services. The companies that form NEO Tech have been known for solving tough engineering problems that result in high-reliability, high-quality electronic solutions for customers.

Headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, NEO Tech has manufacturing and engineering locations in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Mexico, and China. NEO Tech holds and maintains industry specific certifications that include ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 and MIL-PRF-38534. To learn more, visit



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