Spirit Electronics Adds MIL-STD-883 Test Services with DLA Commercial Lab Suitability

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Spirit Electronics, a value-added microelectronics distributor, announced the achievement of DLA Commercial Lab Suitability for MIL-STD-883. Spirit’s qualified test methods include external visual inspection, temperature cycling, HAST (biased and unbiased), stabilization bake and scanning acoustic microscopy.

The Commercial Lab Suitability program is run by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime Sourcing and Qualifications Division. The program goal is to qualify labs in the defense supply chain capable of performing testing to military specifications. Qualified commercial labs complete an application process and multi-day site audit of their test methods and quality management system.

“Our lab services are part of our new distribution, test and assembly approach to delivering components ready-to-use to our customers,” says Spirit CEO Marti McCurdy. “At the end of the day, these tests are your mission insurance, and DLA lab suitability ensures we’re meeting the high-reliability requirements of the military standards.”

Spirit Electronics’ suitability allows the company to perform specific test methods for microelectronics covered by MIL-STD-883: 1008 Stabilization Bake (Conditions A–D), 1010 Temperature Cycling (Conditions A–E), 2009 External Visual, 2030 Ultrasonic Inspection of Die Attach, JESD22-A110 HAST, and JESD22-A118 Unbiased HAST. These processes can be performed together to create custom test flows to condition and inspect microcircuits for space and other harsh environments.

Temperature cycling, HAST and stabilization bake are used to stress microelectronics, particularly plastic-packaged microcircuits (PEMs), with heat, humidity and temperature extremes. Methods such as sonic acoustic microscopy are then used to inspect the integrity of the component package.

This is Spirit Electronics’ second DLA qualification. Spirit was added to the DLA’s Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors for microcircuits and semiconductors in 2019. The two qualifications support Spirit’s unique position as both a distributor and a test lab.

While working toward lab suitability, Spirit Electronics added a circuit card assembly line, XRF analysis and precision laser marking in 2021. New services this year include robotic solder reballing.


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