Cobham SATCOM Selects CPI as RF Supplier for Telesat Lightspeed Landing Station Terminals

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Cobham SATCOM, a leading global provider of land and maritime satellite communications solutions to the Government and Enterprise sectors, announced the selection of Communications & Power Industries (CPI) to provide state-of-the-art Ka-band amplifiers for the gateway tracking antenna systems that Cobham will be supplying for the Telesat Lightspeed Landing Station Terminals. CPI is a global manufacturer of electronic components and subsystems focused on the communications and defense industries.

CPI's next generation 160W Ka-band GaNLink™ series block up converter (BUC) provides a versatile but compact solution, combining highly linear RF power with wideband internal block-up conversion. CPI will produce the units at its Georgetown, Ontario facility, which has manufactured a range of space and ground station RF units for more than 50 years.

"CPI has been a trusted supplier to Cobham SATCOM for over 20 years, and we have incorporated their RF units across many of our Gateways and tracking antenna systems," said Kirby Nell, vice president, business development for Cobham SATCOM. "We have long championed use of national content, but in this case it is a secondary benefit as the CPI amplifier is ideal in terms of performance, experience and reliability for Lightspeed's business-critical terminals."

"This long-term partnership between CPI and Cobham SATCOM has driven product innovation that will further enhance the Lightspeed Constellation," said Pam Lugos, vice president of business development for the Satcom Products group of CPI's Satcom & Medical Products Division. "This next generation Ka-band amplifier is built on CPI's years of experience providing thousands of Ka-band amplifiers that are now fielded around the world."



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