CAES, Colorado Engineering Form Strategic Alliance for Advanced Technology Development

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CAES, the leading provider of mission critical electronic solutions, and Colorado Engineering Inc. (CEI), a leading RF and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions provider, announced a strategic alliance to jointly develop advanced technology applicable to missile seekers, datalinks, electronic warfare systems, and next generation radar and communications systems. The strategic alliance allows for the CAES and CEI engineering teams to agilely collaborate on critical projects for aerospace and defense customers. With this alliance, aerospace and defense prime contractors and the government will benefit from the team’s newly combined advanced systems engineering, and volume manufacturing expertise, combining both digital and analog functionality and thus allowing for more effective engagements earlier in the life cycle of a program.

“We are delighted to partner with CEI to combine our industry-leading digital, RF, microwave, and millimeter wave expertise with CEI’s systems engineering capability,” said David Young, Chief Technology Officer, CAES. “Customers have looked to us to provide integrated solutions with advanced capabilities in missiles, radar, and electronic warfare domains. Teaming with CEI and its world class systems engineers creates the team of choice for defense primes,” he continued.

“Allying ourselves with CAES enables CEI to access to leading millimeter wave technologists and robust manufacturing capability,” said Nancy Scally, Chief Executive Officer, CEI. “Our customer-first culture combined with innovative approaches and experienced engineering team and CAES’ advanced engineering capability provide customers with a synergistic team to solve their most challenging problems,” she continued.

With a focus on aerospace and defense customers, the strategic alliance between CAES and CEI grants both companies access to each other’s engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities on a quick-reaction basis. Under this agreement, CAES and CEI will be able to seamlessly assemble a team of engineers ready to develop advanced technology solutions to a customer’s mission needs.



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