Geometric Energy to Launch Aboard Falcon 9 Rideshare Mission

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Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) proudly announces the launch of its CubeSat RideShare Program. The Program's inaugural mission, Geometric-1, will launch aboard a SpaceX rideshare mission no earlier than June 2022. Geometric-1 will launch a 12 x 6U CubeSat adapter plate into low Earth orbit, offering affordable 6U CubeSats aimed especially at startups and smaller budget projects.

Born from humble beginnings near Alberta's Rocky Mountains, GEC is dedicated to helping diverse clients launch into space. According to the company's CEO, Samuel Reid, the original motivation for the Rideshare Program is "to lower the cost barrier for startups and smaller budget launches, especially those that help to fulfill our company's mandate of transforming civilization for the better." Accordingly, in addition to more commercially oriented projects, some of the mission's CubeSats are intended for geoponics research that advances sustainable agriculture. Mr. Reid stresses that expanding access to space beyond governments and large corporations is the RideShare Program's "regulative, guiding ideal." But insists that such expansion requires "not only ensuring that space missions are financially accessible to even smaller budget projects, but also that we prioritize projects that aim to enhance humanity at large."

To achieve that ideal, along with its subsidiary company, Geometric Space Corporation, GEC is proud to receive support from the integration partner Maverick Space. Maverick Space will ensure ESPA port access for the following companies that are set to partake in the mission: JRA Holdings, Red Rock Unlimited, POINTBLANK Company, as supported by GURACORP®, Alpha Cube Sat (ACS) supported by Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc. (XISP-Inc.)., and Marcantonio Global LLC as supported by the Defense Technology Innovation Program. 



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