BAE Systems Backs Local Tech Company with Global Defence Capability

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World leading 3D volumetric display technology developed by South Australian company Voxon Photonics has won new work with BAE Systems’ UK based submarine business and the Australian based Hunter Class Frigate program.

The company will provide the Hunter Class Frigate program and the UK Submarines business with its bespoke displays to provide 3D visualisation for respective research and technology programs to test situational awareness, systems integration and specialist engineering design applications. 

Voxon is the global leader in the manufacture of 3D volumetric display technology and leading provider of volumetric software and content. In late 2020 Voxon, together with BAE Systems, Flinders University and the University of South Australia, was awarded a Defence Innovation Partnership grant to support the advancement of the technology to enable superior decision making through battlespace visualisation.

Future activities will focus on scalability, ruggedisation and specific operating functions that will have multiple applications in Defence, across maritime, air, space and land domains. 

BAE Systems first partnered with Voxon at the Hunter Class Innovation showcase in Melbourne in 2019. The Global Access Program team has already supported engagement opportunities with potential users, including the research and development team within BAE Systems’ UK Submarines business.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive, Gabby Costigan, said, “Voxon provides truly disruptive, world leading technology. Our collaboration with Voxon has and will continue to explore opportunities for the integration of the company’s technology across our programs and has the potential to significantly influence a suite of sovereign industrial capability priorities aligning with key objectives of the global supply chain program.

“The Global Access Program is providing ongoing support to Voxon and has also implemented new initiatives that will expedite Voxon’s research and development efforts.”

Voxon Chief Executive, Gavin Smith, said, “Voxon would like to acknowledge the support that BAE Systems has given to specialist SMEs like ourselves via the Australian industry Global Access Program team.

“The team has been highly engaged with us from the beginning and established connections for us with the broader BAE Systems international business. ”



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