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Meet Christine Davis, one of our newest columnists! Christine will share her expertise and lessons learned through her journey as one of the few women in the electronics industry to found and run her own company.

Read her first column here.

Christine started and successfully ran CAMtek for 20 years before selling the company to Zentech, where she is currently the general manager of Zentech Bloomington.

CAMtek offered precision printed circuit board assembly and complete box builds with capabilities that included prototype, fine pitch, ball-grid array and low to medium volume high-mix printed circuit board assembly. It primarily served markets for aerospace, automotive, industrial controls, medical, military and telecom.

Zentech Bloomington is AS9100D certified and has enjoyed a 20-year history of success and growth in the high-technology electronics manufacturing services sector. Featuring four SMT lines and over 100,000 square feet of advanced manufacturing space, Zentech Bloomington has a long legacy of high performance in the military, industrial and commercial markets.

“The reason I decided to write this column is not only to tell my story, but to share my experience in the hopes that it will help others—women and men alike—find the courage to make their mark in the world, whatever that mark may be.

“There were times when it was advantageous being a female business owner and there were other times when it was a challenge. As I look back now, I can see that there were many more disadvantages than advantages. I just refused to let them stop me. I also refused to acknowledge them, meaning that I never thought of them as such. I just plowed ahead and pushed through the barriers, knocking down walls to get to the next opportunity. Never once did I think I couldn’t achieve something. This is a message that I have decided to share with others.”

In “Her Voice,” Christine will share some of stories and use them as examples of what it takes to succeed in business and in life.

“So far, it has been an interesting journey and it is far from over,” she says. “So, come along and see where this journey will take us.”

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Christine Davis is a leader in today's electronics industry. She founded and successfully ran CAMtek for 20 years before selling to Zentech, where she is now an executive vice president and general manager of Zentech Bloomington.



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