TT Electronics Launches Expanded Custom Power Supply Portfolio

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TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance-critical applications, announced that it has launched an expanded power solutions portfolio, leveraging its global footprint to develop and supply its custom power conversion systems for aerospace and defence customers around the world.

Working closely with the appropriate regulatory authorities, TT Electronics is now in a position to expand the development and manufacturing of its custom power supplies capability (originally exclusive to Covina, California) into the UK to better support and serve the company’s aerospace and defence partners with an extensive range of custom power supplies and power conversion systems for harsh environment, mission-critical applications.

This latest development complements the work and activity recently completed to vertically integrate manufacturing within TT Electronics, establishing an end-to-end power electronics capability which now boasts a family of globally available line-replaceable units. Core strength and expertise in the areas of electromagnetics, hybrid microcircuits and now broader power conversion systems, all supported by a complete electronics design, development and manufacturing capability, position TT Electronics to more immediately meet the increasingly complex demands facing the global aerospace and defence industry.

Executive Vice President at TT Electronics – Michael Leahan notes: “We’re truly excited to be able to bring our expertise to both new and existing customers on a global scale. Being a leading provider of custom power management and conversion systems globally has been our aim for the last several years. The TT team has worked hard to rapidly grow our capability and expertise in this space, so that we can continue offering aerospace and defence customers the best service, products and value available. We’re very proud to have established the global infrastructure and engineering skills required to offer our custom power solutions to partners outside of North America. This represents a step change in the level of support we’re able to provide to our key global customers.”




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