Blue Sky for Eagle Electronics

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Goldman: What are your predictions for Eagle Electronics over the next couple of years?

D’Agostino: In 2017, we were just shy of $16 million to close out the year. That’s 14% growth over 2016. We'd like to sustain a 15% growth year-over-year, and with the investments we're making we can certainly support it. We want to grow at a good rate; growing too fast and you start having growing pains. We like steady, comfortable, healthy growth so we'll be able to continue giving the level of service and support to our customer base they’ve come to expect from us and bring that to the new customers as well. The last thing we want is to sacrifice service for the sake of growth.

Goldman: Well, it’s all good news at Eagle Electronics, then?

D’Agostino: Yes. It's nice to be part of a domestic manufacturer that's seeing growth, because we see a lot of business continuing to go offshore. The domestic spend, especially in the commercial market continues to shrink year-over-year in North America. It’s good to be part of a domestic manufacturer that is growing and continues to have healthy ownership and a healthy bottom line so we can reinvest. We’re not just reinvesting in equipment either; we’re investing in people, too. We will bring additional support in customer service, engineering, process engineering, quality control, manufacturing and of course sales as the business demands. This year we've been averaging about 104 people on staff.

Goldman: You're on a very positive growth trajectory, which is excellent news. 

D’Agostino:  Our quality, delivery and our yields are also improving, so again it's that strategic controlled growth that doesn't affect the performance. We've been able to increase our on-time delivery and our customer acceptance. We're at 98.7% on-time delivery and 99.7% customer acceptance. That’s pretty impressive for a company that does mainly prototypes, where we've got one shot to make the order or make the delivery on something that we've never built before. To be able to hit those numbers on a consistent basis is something, and I think we should be very proud.

Goldman: It can't possibly be easy. Even if it's the same customer, it's always a different job, right?

D’Agostino: Exactly; everything's custom, everything's different.

Goldman: That's all great to hear. So, obviously you're not going to stop increasing the technology level at your company, you can't stop. What about looking at new equipment? That’s such an ongoing process.

D’Agostino: It is. Brett is still supporting the sales, but now he has more time to really look at what the next steps should be, meet with different suppliers, and figure out what the right way for us to go.

Goldman: Thanks so much for your time, Andy. It's been nice talking with you. Very interesting.

D’Agostino: Thank you, Patty. It's been nice talking with you too.



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