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Stretchable Circuits: New Process Simplifies Production of Functional Prototypes
10/17/2019 | Saarland University
How GPS Now Helps Us Forecast Rain More Accurately
10/17/2019 | RMIT University
Necklace-like Wireless Device Aims to Improve Understanding of Schizophrenia
10/17/2019 | University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Airborne Chemicals Instantly Identified Using New Technology Developed at NTU Singapore
10/17/2019 | NTU Singapore
MachineMetrics Launches Industrial IoT Partner Ecosystem
10/17/2019 | MachineMetrics
Bio-Circuitry Mimics Synapses and Neurons in a Step Toward Sensory Computing
10/17/2019 | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Speeding Up the Machine Learning Process
10/17/2019 | KAUST
Assembler Robots Make Large Structures from Little Pieces
10/17/2019 | MIT

NASA Commits to Future Artemis Missions With More SLS Rocket Stages

NASA has taken the next steps toward building Space Launch System (SLS) rocket core stages to support as many as 10 Artemis missions, including the mission that will carry the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024.
Taking 2D Materials to the MAX
10/17/2019 | KAUST
Base Station Vendors Turn to Sectorization, Active Antenna Systems, and Cell Shaping to Tackle 5G
10/16/2019 | ABI Research
Rapidly Patching Legacy Software Vulnerabilities in Mission-Critical Systems
10/16/2019 | DARPA
IDTechEx Names the Winners of Launchpad, New Technologies Initiative
10/16/2019 | IDTechEx
Silicon on Insulator Market is Poised to Generate $2,285.5 Million Revenue by 2024
10/16/2019 | P&S Intelligence
Giving Robots a 'Nose'
10/16/2019 | Carnegie Mellon University
Wearable, Washable Textile Devices Are Possible With MXene-Coated Yarns
10/16/2019 | Drexel University
New IDC Spending Guide Sees Solid Growth Ahead for Security Products and Services
10/16/2019 | IDC
HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair and electronicAsia Attract 67,000+ Buyers
10/16/2019 | ACN Newswire
RootMetrics 5G Report Shows Verizon Surpassing 1 Gbps in Chicago
10/16/2019 | IHS Markit
Researchers Find Superconducting Material That Could Someday Power Quantum Computers
10/16/2019 | Johns Hopkins University.
Panasonic to Team up with IBM Japan in Improving Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
10/15/2019 | Panasonic Corporation
Electrochemistry to Benefit Photonics: Nanotubes Can Control Laser Pulses
10/15/2019 | Skoltech
Combination of Techniques Could Improve Security for Internet of Things Devices
10/15/2019 | Pennsylvania State University
Army Bio-Inspired Theoretical Research May Make Robots More Effective on the Future Battlefield
10/15/2019 | U.S. Army
4G to 5G: Market Leader Transition Strategies
10/15/2019 | Business Wire
The Nano-guitar String that Plays Itself
10/15/2019 | Lancaster University
How to Control Friction in Topological Insulators
10/15/2019 | University of Basel
Diversity May Be Key to Reducing Errors in Quantum Computing
10/15/2019 | Georgia Institute of Technology
These New Soft Actuators Could Make Soft Robots Less Bulky
10/15/2019 | University of California - San Diego
New Quantum Scientist Aims to Get Qubits Talking
10/15/2019 | University of Oregon

Astronomers Use Giant Galaxy Cluster as X-Ray Magnifying Lens
10/15/2019 | MIT
NVIDIA Leads the Fast-Growing and Complex Edge AI Chipset Market but Competition is Intensifying
10/15/2019 | ABI Research
Bioelectronic Implant Could Prevent Opioid Deaths
10/14/2019 | Northwestern University
New Design Strategy Can Help Improve Layered Superconducting Materials
10/14/2019 | Tokyo Metropolitan University
FLIR Acquires Tethered Drone Assets and Technology from Aria Insights
10/14/2019 | FLIR Systems, Inc.
SEMI Releases 2019 Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap
10/14/2019 | SEMI
Robots Help Patients Manage Chronic Illness at Home
10/14/2019 | MIT
SIA Statement on ‘Phase One’ U.S.-China Trade Agreement
10/14/2019 | SIA
$6.6 Billion Medical Electronics Market by 2025
10/14/2019 | Business Wire
World's Largest Electronics Marketplace Opens
10/14/2019 | ACN Newswire
Controlling Superconducting Regions within an Exotic Metal
10/11/2019 | EPFL
DeepFly3D: The Deep-Learning Way to Design Fly-Like Robots
10/11/2019 | EPFL
Development of a Stretchable Vibration-Powered Device Using a Liquid Electret
10/11/2019 | NIMS
New IDC Spending Guide Sees Consumer Spending on Technology Reaching $1.69 Trillion in 2019
10/11/2019 | IDC
Researchers Find Way to Harness AI Creativity
10/11/2019 | University of Waterloo
First Prototype of a Quantum Computer on Superconductive Materials Sucessfully Launched in Russia
10/11/2019 | NUST MISIS
UO Microscope Points to More Efficient Solar Fuels Devices
10/11/2019 | University of Oregon
Global Night Vision Devices Market to Reach $9.9 billion by 2025
10/11/2019 | Business Wire
Traditional PC Market Continues to Grow Despite Issues in the Supply Chain
10/11/2019 | IDC
Global Economy Will Avoid Recession, and See Some Recovery in 2020
10/11/2019 | The Conference Board
Sensitive Robots are Safer
10/11/2019 | TUM
2019 Microprocessor Slump Snaps Nine Years of Record Sales
10/11/2019 | IC Insights
From Health Care to Space Robotics
10/10/2019 | TUM
TUM Agenda 2030: Combining Forces for Additive Manufacturing
10/10/2019 | TUM
Thin Win
10/10/2019 | University of Utah
NTU Singapore Start-Up Unveils Robot with Human-Like Dexterous Grip
10/10/2019 | NTU
Quantum State of Single Electrons Controlled by ‘Surfing’ on Sound Waves
10/10/2019 | University of Cambridge
System Can Minimize Damage When Self-Driving Vehicles Crash
10/10/2019 | University of Waterloo
New CEOs Can Raise Their Social Game to Keep Their Jobs
10/10/2019 | Rice University
New Method Visualizes Groups of Neurons as They Compute
10/10/2019 | ICFO

514 Million Devices with Multimodal Learning Applications will Ship in 2023
10/10/2019 | ABI Research
Innovation and Technology Expansion Set to Drive Contactless Ticketing Smart Card Installed Base Beyond 1 Billion by 2024
10/10/2019 | ABI Research
Smaller Than a Coin
10/09/2019 | ETH Zurich
Modified Quantum Dots Capture More Energy From Light and Lose Less to Heat
10/09/2019 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Flexible, Biocompatible Nanocellulose Sensors
10/09/2019 | EMPA
Security in a Heartbeat
10/09/2019 | Sandia National Laboratories
Keeping Cool with Quantum Wells
10/09/2019 | University of Tokyo
SEMI, Taiwan Government Team to Connect Global Green Energy Supply Chain at Energy Taiwan
10/09/2019 | SEMI
Europe Consumer Confidence Unshaken by Economic, Political Uncertainties
10/09/2019 | The Conference Board
Global Consumer Confidence Unchanged in Q3; Index Remains at Historic High
10/09/2019 | The Conference Board
2024 Global Power Distribution Automation Market Report
10/09/2019 | Globe Newswire
Research Shows Military Service Can Hurt Some Job Seekers’ Prospects
10/08/2019 | Duke University
U.S. Medical Technology Market Projected to Exceed $200 Billion by 2023
10/08/2019 | PRNewswire
Cooling Nanotube Resonators With Electrons
10/08/2019 | ICFO
Multiple Technologies Converge to Boost the Wireless Infrastructure Market to $32 Billion by 2025
10/08/2019 | ABI Research
Electrode-Fitted Microscope Points to Better Designed Devices That Make Fuel From Sunlight
10/08/2019 | University of Oregon
Deploying Drones to Prepare for Climate Change
10/07/2019 | MIT
Soft Robot Programmed to Move Like an Inchworm
10/07/2019 | University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
Advancing World-Class Microelectronics Technology for the Defense Community
10/07/2019 | BAE Systems
Asia Pacific Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market to 2027
10/07/2019 | Business Wire
Global Magnetic Field Sensor Market to Top $7.5 Billion by 2026
10/07/2019 | Business Wire
OpFires Program Advances Technology for Upper Stage, Achieves Preliminary Design Review
10/07/2019 | DARPA
NASA Seeks Industry Input on Hardware Production for Lunar Spacesuit
10/07/2019 | NASA
The Fast Dance of Electron Spins
10/07/2019 | University of Vienna
The Conference Board ETI Increased in September
10/07/2019 | The Conference Board
Finding the 'Magic Angle' to Create a New Superconductor
10/07/2019 | Ohio State University
TV Panel Makers Began to Massively Reduce Capacities in September
10/07/2019 | TrendForce
Impending Deployment of 5G Boosts Demand for Data Center Testing Equipment
10/07/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Printed Electronics Open Way for Electrified Tattoos and Personalized Biosensors
10/07/2019 | Duke University
IT Spending in the Middle East & Africa to Top $83 Billion Next Year
10/07/2019 | IDC

Scientists Observe a Single Quantum Vibration Under Ordinary Conditions
10/07/2019 | MIT
Tunable Optical Chip Paves Way for New Quantum Devices
10/07/2019 | OSA
Spying on Topology
10/04/2019 | FBH
3D Printing Technique Accelerates Nanoscale Fabrication a Thousandfold
10/04/2019 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Jobs Report: Job Market Still Strong But Gradually Losing Some Steam
10/04/2019 | PRNewswire
Bigger, Better Conductive Crystals a Boon for Electronics
10/04/2019 | Agency for Science, Technology and Research
Hybrid Breakers Could Make Direct Current Practical in High Power Applications
10/04/2019 | Georgia Tech
Researchers Synthesize 'Impossible' Superconductor
10/04/2019 | Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University)
Machine Learning Predicts Behavior of Biological Circuits
10/04/2019 | Ken Kingery, Duke University
Smartphone Typing Speeds Catching Up with Keyboards
10/04/2019 | Aalto University
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