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Injectable Device Delivers Nano-view of the Brain
06/09/2015 | Harvard University
China RFID Market 2015-2025
06/08/2015 | Globe Newswire
Surveillance Camera Powered by Ordinary Wi-Fi Broadcasts
06/08/2015 | Technology Review
'No-ink' Color Printing with Nanomaterials
06/08/2015 | Missouri University of Science and Technology
China's Demand for Aerospace and Defense to Continue to Grow
06/08/2015 | Business Wire
India In-Car Entertainment Systems Market
06/08/2015 | Business Wire
IoT Integration Driving New Wave of Competition
06/08/2015 | ABI Research
Manufacturing Day 2015 Plans Off to a Strong Start
06/08/2015 | Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl.
Global ICT Comes Together in Taipei for COMPUTEX
06/08/2015 | Business Wire
Enterprise Storage Spending Rises in 1Q15
06/08/2015 | IDC
Fab Equipment Spending to Hit $38.7B in 2015
06/08/2015 | SEMI
Modest Growth in Small Business Economy Continues
06/05/2015 | PRNewswire
CBIZ Small Business Employment Index Shows Stable Progress
06/05/2015 | Business Wire
FlexEnable Partners CPT on Flexible AMOLED Displays
06/05/2015 | Printed Electronics World
Prepaid Electric Meters to Have 85M Installed Base by 2024
06/05/2015 | Navigant Research
20 Robotics Teams Vie for $1.5M NASA Challenge
06/05/2015 | NASA
Northrop Grumman Remotec Unveils Next-gen Andros Robot
06/05/2015 | Northrop Grumman
Unlocking Nanofibers' Potential
06/05/2015 | MIT
Modest Growth in Small Business Economy Continues
06/05/2015 | PRNewswire
Recovering a Rare Metal from LCDs
06/05/2015 | ACS
U.S. Monthly Trade Deficit Down in April
06/05/2015 | MAPI Foundation
HP Collaboration Solutions Boost Meeting Productivity
06/05/2015 | HP
Robots are Coming to CuriosityStream
06/05/2015 | PRNewswire
World LED Lighting Markets Report 2015
06/05/2015 | Business Wire
"Made-for-Wearable" Sensors Market Worth $5.5B by 2025
06/04/2015 | IDTechEx
Conductive Yarns Enable Touch, Gesture Interactivity in Textile
06/04/2015 | Google
UPC Creates Solar Cells with Record Energy Performance of 22%
06/04/2015 | Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Helping Robots Handle Uncertainty
06/04/2015 | MIT
LTE Mobile Infrastructure Peaking at $6 Billion a Quarter
06/04/2015 | IHS
IoT Opens New Opportunities in Building Management Systems
06/04/2015 | Business Wire

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for Government
06/04/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Smart Clothes for Personalized Cooling and Heating
06/04/2015 | UC San Diego
Power to the Batteries
06/04/2015 | UC San Diego
MAPI Economic Forecast: Oil, Gas, Dollar, Consumers All Factors
06/04/2015 | MAPI Foundation
U.S. Job Openings Up 1.81% in May
06/04/2015 | Business Wire
Business Executives Take Dimmer View of U.S. Economy
06/04/2015 | Business Wire
Trees Bear Source for High-capacity Batteries
06/03/2015 | KTH
Fujifilm and imec Demonstrate Full-color OLEDs
06/03/2015 | Imec
Wearable Market Remained Strong in Q1
06/03/2015 | Business Wire
AI Supercomputer to Tap Idle Computing Power in Data Warehouses
06/03/2015 | Technology Review
Small Business Employment Growth Slows in May
06/03/2015 | IHS
Move to the Cloud Dampening Sales of Unified Comms Solutions
06/03/2015 | IHS
Global Semiconductor Sales Up Nearly 5% in April
06/03/2015 | SIA
European Ultrasound Devices Market Report 2015-2019
06/03/2015 | PRNewswire
QLEDs Meet Wearable Devices
06/03/2015 | Institute for Basic Science
DuPont Displays and Kateeva Collaborate
06/02/2015 | PRWEB
Flight Navigation System Market 2014-2020
06/02/2015 | PRNewswire
Consumer Electronics Purchase Decisions Hinge on Battery Life
06/02/2015 | 3M
New Protocol for Quantum Technology Unlocked
06/02/2015 | University of Bristol
Banknote Check with Ultra-fast Line Scan Sensor
06/02/2015 | Fraunhofer IBMT
Mini Laser for Real-time Quality Control
06/02/2015 | Fraunhofer IBMT
LG Display Highlights Next-Generation Displays at SID 2015
06/02/2015 | LG Display
Saudi, Qatar and UAE Maintain Defence Budgets
06/02/2015 | IHS
Benchtop Tool Measures Heat Production in Microelectronics
06/02/2015 | MIT
Apps Developers Set Sights on Wearables
06/02/2015 | Business Wire
Lithium-ion Market to Grow at 14% CAGR through 2019
06/02/2015 | Transparency Market Research
Taiwanese, Malaysian PV Makers Facing Anti-Circumvention Probe
06/02/2015 | TrendForce
Internet of Things Market to Reach $1.7 Trillion by 2020
06/02/2015 | Business Wire
Notebook SSDs to Exceed 30% Market Penetration This Year
06/02/2015 | TrendForce
Small Businesses Employment Climbs in May
06/02/2015 | Business Wire

Info-Driven Manufacturing Drives Photoelectric Sensor Market
06/01/2015 | ARC Advisory Group
Premium Audio System Sales to Reach 11.6M Units in 2021
06/01/2015 | IHS
Global LED Display Industry Report
06/01/2015 | PRNewswire
May Manufacturing ISM; PMI at 52.8%
06/01/2015 | PRNewswire
Intel to Acquire Altera
06/01/2015 | Business Wire
Smartwatch Display Shipments to Reach Record 34M Units in 2015
06/01/2015 | IHS
On-demand X-rays at Synchrotron Light Sources
06/01/2015 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
New "Designer Carbon" Boosts Battery Performance
06/01/2015 | Stanford University

iNEMI Managing Director: New, Disruptive Technology on the Horizon

Dr. Haley Fu, managing director of Asia Pacific for iNEMI, and Publisher Barry Matties spoke recently. Fu gave her overview of the last eight years with iNEMI along with her opinion of what the most significant changes have been, globally and for the Asia market in particular. She predicts that in the future, the PCB will probably adopt optical architectures instead of copper, because using copper for the trace means that the land space and the property will not satisfy the future high-speed data transport rate.

A Look at Saki’s Approach to 2D, 3D and X-ray Technology

At NEPCON 2015, I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties sat down with Nori Koike, COO of Saki Japan, to discuss the latest demands for 3D and their approach to inspection. With more than 20 years of experience, they have built a line-up of tools that covers the inspection spectrum. Koike also stresses the importance of using inspection data as a tool to improve and automate the process.

A Conversation (and Day) with Joe Fjelstad Part 4

We continue the conversation as it turns to the more technically focused area of disruptive technology. The method Joe has been demonstrating for years now is one which is poised to offer dramatic increases in electronic reliability while decreasing overall cost through the elimination of solder--a cornerstone concept of what has been coined as Occam technology.

A Conversation (and Day) with Joe Fjelstad Part 3

In Part 3 of this interview series, Fjelstad divulges his interesting entry into the electronics manufacturing industry, including a brief diversion as a restaurateur. In this portion of the interview, the pair was touring the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum (home of the Spruce Goose) where Fjelstad spoke frankly about his experience in Vietnam and how it has shaped his view about war, which he shares. Finally, the importance of education was discussed, as well as India, and why the rest of the manufacturing world should be paying attention to them.

A Conversation (and Day) with Joe Fjelstad, Part 2

In Part 2 of this multi-part interview series, Verdant Electronics Founder and CEO Joe Fjelstad, and I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties discuss the future of what’s to come for the electronics industry, which, according to Fjelstad, has a lot to do with where we’ve just been in our quest for lead-free manufacturing. He also offers his view on the natural order of the evolution of personal political persuasions.

A Conversation (and Day) with Joe Fjelstad, Part 1

I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties and industry veteran Joe Fjelstad, CEO and founder of Verdant Electronics, met recently to spend a day together enjoying the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum (home of the Spruce Goose), located in the Oregon community of McMinnville. Their conversation ebbed and flowed between a wide variety of topics, from the electronics industry, to political shenanigans and the “war against failure.” In Part 1 of this multi-part series, Fjelstad introduces his “war against failure” idea, and what went terribly wrong in the advent of lead-free manufacturing.

Technology Roadmaps for the Electronics Industry

iNEMI's Charles Richardson talks with Guest Editor John Vaughn about the 2015 roadmap which covers five industry sectors with one still in process.

NEPCON China Showcases Latest Manufacturing Tech in Asia

Considered Asia's biggest, most influential SMT and electronics manufacturing event, NEPCON China 2015 attracted over 450 leading brands from 22 countries, who are showcasing this week the latest electronics manufacturing technologies and products across an exhibition area of 25,000 sqm. I-Connect007 is on hand again this year covering this event with exclusive interviews and photos from the show floor.

Diving Deep into History

NOAA and partners, Boeing and Coda Octopus, survey ‘amazingly intact’ historic WWII-era aircraft carrier USS Independence served during American naval offensive in Pacific theater.

PartnerTech Inks Framework Agreement with Picadeli AB

PartnerTech and Picadeli AB, a company that currently provides self-service salads in more than a thousand grocery shops in Sweden, have signed a framework agreement regarding the industrialization and manufacture of Picadeli’s unique new refrigerated counter.

High-Density Packaging User Group Update

Jack Fisher tells Guest Editor Steve Williams all about the high density packaging (HDP) user group. An active consortia, with members from all parts of the supply chain, the group has 25-30 active projects with 10 completed per year. Jack further elaborates on their optical interconnect project, as phase 1 nears completion.

How to Select an Automatic Pick-and-Place Machine

This is the third in a series of articles designed to help buyers analyze and select SMT equipment for PCB assembly, and examines automatic pick-and-place machines, the most complex component in a circuit assembly operation. This article will focus on features and capabilities and include some cautions regarding reliability of low-cost machines.

Are the Robots Taking Over?

Some have a fear that robots are taking over, but the founders of Universal Robots have a different view. They have focused on producing a versatile robotic arm that frees humans from doing the repetitive tasks. Their journey has not been an easy one. From a startup with just a couple of employees their future was questionable at best, but they never gave up.

Atotech’s Uwe Hauf’s View of the Global Electronics Manufacturing Market

Uwe Hauf, VP of electronics for Atotech, and I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties sat down at CPCA 2015 for an illuminating discussion of the global market—what’s happening now, what is going to happen tomorrow, and a few things that won’t happen for at least 10 years, according to Hauf.

Inkjet-printed Liquid Metal Could Bring Wearable Tech, Soft Robotics

New research shows how inkjet-printing technology can be used to mass-produce electronic circuits made of liquid-metal alloys for "soft robots" and flexible electronics.

Insitu: Moving Mountains in a Mountain Community

Nearly 800 employees build and support Insitu’s UAS line of ScanEagles, Integrators and ground stations. Boeing’s cameras captured the first images inside of Insitu’s new production facility, Eagle Point. Watch the video for a peek inside and learn more about where high-tech meets mountain height.

Steve Williams Discusses His New Company

Industry veteran Steve Williams shares about his new consulting company and what he can do for his clients, from specs and qualifications to training and teaching and how to successfully sell to CMs.

Report: Wireless Portable Medical Device Market

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Wireless Portable Medical Device Market by Technology, Component, Application, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2020" report to their offering.

GD Digital Modular Quadruples Navy Network Comm Capacity

Built using open architecture standards, the DMR radios will continue to provide improved functionality and interoperability while accommodating next-generation communications waveforms like MUOS, the Integrated Waveform and future advanced network communications waveforms.

Rockwell Collins’ New RSR Transforms Customer Devices for Military

Rockwell Collins’ new Remote Secure Receiver, which was recently ordered by the Battlefield Airmen Office of the Air Force Special Operations Command, is the first of its kind and features the world’s smallest, lowest power, protected, secure and trusted military Selected Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) GPS solution.

SONAR Systems and Technology Report

The SONAR systems and technology market is estimated to be at $3.41 billion in 2014 and is expected to register a CAGR of 6.22% to reach $4.90 billion by 2020.

E-Textiles Poised to Gain Significant Attention

At least 70% of our time we are in contact with textiles and they are starting to become intelligent. This report is about the ultimate form of that - e-textiles based on inherently electronically or electrically-active woven e-fibers.​

China CIOs Need to Change to Grasp Digital Break

Chief information officers (CIOs) in China are less aware than their global counterparts that they will need to change in order to succeed in digital business, according to a new report from Gartner, Inc.

Production of PCBs Drives SMT Equipment Market

The global market for Surface Mount Technology Equipment is projected to reach US$4.5 billion by 2020, driven by the strong demand for electronic products and the ensuing increase in production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

CTS Reports Earnings Growth, Progress on Business Wins

“We are pleased with the results for 2014. We delivered strong earnings growth despite softer than anticipated sales,” said Kieran O’Sullivan, CEO of CTS Corporation.

Unemployment Rate Slightly Changed at 5.7% in January

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 257,000 in January, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 5.7%, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in retail trade, construction, health care, financial activities, and manufacturing.

AGEM Index Remained Flat in January

Compared to a year ago, the index fell 1.96 points (-1.1 percent). The AGEM Index has now reported annual declines for four consecutive months.

NOTE's 2014 Sales Up 6% Despite Weaker Sales in Q4

"In 2014, we advanced against the competition on a fairly stable European market. We regard our sales performance in Q4 as a temporary decrease, our strong order backlog at year-end indicates a positive volume performance in 2015," says NOTE President and CEO Peter Laveson.

Optomec Partners with Ceradrop MGI Group

“Ceradrop has both leading-edge technology and global expertise in printed electronics and smart 3D printing, which make it an ideal partner for Optomec,” said Mike Kardos, Director of International Sales at Optomec. “We are looking forward to working with Ceradrop to expand our European marketing network for Aerosol Jet.”

CEA Lauds Reintroduction of Innovation Act of 2015

The immense amount of money spent fighting bogus patent lawsuits amounts to a massive tax on consumers and a drain on investment, American innovation and job creation. CEA is hopeful that this will be the year Congress protects American businesses and innovators from extortionate patent trolls.

Novel Method Projects Growth Potential of New Firms

New businesses spring up all the time in the U.S. But which ones have the greatest ability to become big? A method developed by MIT researchers, based on an empirical study, projects the growth potential of high-tech firms with new precision — and could help local or regional policymakers assess their growth prospects.

Data I/O to Showcase PSV7000 at APEX

“The PSV7000 is our fastest ramping automated system and has become the preferred programming solution for leading automotive electronics manufacturers worldwide, with 8 of the top 9 automotive electronics companies purchasing at least one PSV7000 since its introduction.” states Anthony Ambrose, President and CEO of Data I/O Corporation.

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