American Standard Circuits Installs Second Orbotech Sprint 120 Inkjet Printer

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American Standard Circuits has recently acquired a new Orbotech Sprint 120 Inkjet Printer. This is the second recent purchase of an Orbotech Sprint system for the Chicago-based PCB fabricator.

The Orbotech Sprint’s digital printing solution will shorten ASC’s time-to-market with its easy flexible operation. Its unique technology eliminates the entire screen mask preparation process and requires only one baking cycle. The Sprint’s pinless alignment eliminates the need for pinning holes and reduces panel load and unload time. Fully integrated hardware including vacuum table, clamps and retractable bridges completely flatten the printing area will ensure top quality results on a variety of thicknesses. It will also guarantee that ASC has PCB and panel traceability with multiple serialization and bar-coding options defined per panel, strip, or individual PCB.

American Standard Circuits’ CEO Anaya Vardya commented, “This is our second Orbotech system which illustrates how useful and effective this equipment is for our fabrication operation. It is also a direct indication of the amount of growth we have experienced in the past year.  Upgrading our systems as technology improves and demands arise will help us to continue to offer our customers the best in technology available in the industry.”

About American Standard Circuits

American Standard Circuits (ASC) prides itself on being a total solutions provider, manufacturing quality rigid, metal-backed, RF/Microwave, flex and rigid-flex PCBs for the medical, automotive, industrial, defense, and aerospace markets in volumes from test and prototypes to large production orders. ASC has the expertise to provide a wide variety of technologies in a time-critical environment.  Their qualifications include ISO 9001:2008, MIL-PRF 31032, and ITAR registration. American Standard also holds a number of key patents for metal bonding processes. For more information about American Standard Circuits services or to ask one of their technology experts a question, click here.



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