Additive Manufacturing Technology Innovations Impacting Automotive Sector

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Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Additive Manufacturing Technology Innovations Impacting Automotive Sector (Technical Insights)" report to their offering.

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly growing technology that includes rapid prototyping and three-dimensional (3D) printing. These technologies are playing a crucial role in transforming industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, fashion and food industry. Additive manufacturing is mainly used for more efficient, less time consuming and less wasteful rapid prototyping and manufacturing ready to use components and parts.

This research service titled Additive Manufacturing Technology Innovations Impacting Automotive Sector' reviews technology development in additive manufacturing process that might significantly impact the automotive sector. The study covers emerging technology trends in key additive manufacturing process such as 3D printing, fused deposition modelling (FDM), stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), and electron beam melting (EBM). Additive manufacturing's impact in the future is expected to go beyond market predictions across multiple industries.

Key Findings:

- Additive manufacturing technologies are envisioned to impact the future of automotive sector. These emerging technologies will play a major role in the automotive industrial revolution

- Universities across the globe have been continuously researching and implementing new techniques for advancement and development of additive manufacturing technologies in the automotive sector

- Even though additive manufacturing technologies will have major advantages and benefits over the medium - and long term, adoption of these technologies in the automotive sector will be a challenge due to the high capital costs for implementation and initialization. Moreover, additive manufacturing has insufficient speed and involves high materials cost for use in high volume auto manufacturing

- Many companies, universities, government bodies, research groups, and users are constantly working on new methods and techniques to optimize additive manufacturing technologies. These new innovations can impact not only the automotive sector, but also other industries such as aerospace, biomedical, oil and gas



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