Kitron Expands in Lithuania

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Kitron, the leading Scandinavian electronics manufacturing services company, officially opened its new production facilities and engineering services centre in Kaunas on Wednesday. This is a major manufacturing base for Kitron and underscores the strategic importance of the Lithuania division.

"Kitron emphasizes high-value segments of industries with requirements that go beyond competitive price - segments where specialist competencies are needed, where margins of error are extremely low and where the ability to meet complex and changing customer needs is valued. The service part of this business, and especially advanced test development services, is growing. To advance this strategy, our people in Kaunas and the expansion of our facility here play an absolutely vital part," Peter Nilsson, CEO of Kitron, said.

An investment of EUR 7 million in the newly built 5,000 square metre facility allows the company to expand its existing manufacturing area to 13,000 square metres and to create an additional 60 jobs. From now on the company will not only manufacture in Lithuania, but will also develop new products, with a special focus on engineering services. Engineers will provide prototyping, product design supervision, component engineering, and project management services.

"In order to continue growing, it is strategically important to us to develop engineering services and to expand our capacity. We will focus particularly on staff competences and training, as highly qualified professionals actively involved in the development of new products is our greatest strength. Our customers are global companies investing millions in new technologies. If you want to work with the best, you must be the best," Mindaugas Šeštokas, Managing Director of UAB Kitron, said.

The company, which employs 430 professionals in Lithuania, is one of the largest and most advanced electronics product manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Of the company's electronics prototypes and mass-produced products, 95 per cent are exported to medical, industrial, alternative energy, maritime industry, and data transmission equipment companies. The company's clients include global corporations such as Volvo, Saab, Bombardier, Husqvarna, Emerson and many others.

About Kitron

Kitron is one of Scandinavia's leading electronics manufacturing services companies for the Defence/Aerospace, Energy/Telecoms, Industry, Medical equipment and Offshore/Marine sectors. The company is located in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, China and the United States. Kitron had revenues of about NOK 1.75 billion in 2014 and has about 1 200 employees.



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