CAES Wins Award to Deliver Dual System-in-Package Circuit Card Assemblies

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CAES, a leading provider of mission-critical advanced RF technology, is pleased to announce its recent award to perform on the Extremely Wideband Radio Frequency Spectrum Operations (EWO) System.

The new award is an extension of an ongoing partnership with MITRE and the United States Air Force. Under the contract, CAES will deliver solutions for design and development of Dual System-in-Package Circuit Card Assemblies and will continue to improve performance of the microelectronics-based wideband digital antenna array.

CAES Missiles Advanced Technology and Engineering, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, develops cutting-edge RF, analog, digital hardware and software solutions for complex commercial and defense industries. By leveraging the best combination of commercial off-the-shelf and customized products, complex solutions can be developed in a matter of weeks and months, not years.

“As threats evolve, CAES is devoted to ensuring the safety of our warfighters,” said Dave Young, CAES Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “We look forward to our continued partnership with MITRE and the US Air Force delivering advanced electronics to achieve their system objectives.”


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