Printed Circuits & All Flex Join Forces as 'All Flex Solutions'

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We are pleased to announce the merger of Printed Circuits and All Flex to become one company named All Flex Solutions, Inc. The merger closed on August 31, 2022, following two years of thoughtful collaboration and integration.

Together, Printed Circuits’ rigid flex circuitry and All Flex’s flexible circuitry and value-added assemblies offer customers a single source for their interconnect needs. With marquee customers in medical, aerospace, and defense end markets, the combined company will provide both life critical and mission critical solutions. This video celebrates the company’s history, merger, and impact. 

Customers and suppliers will continue to enjoy a high level of collaboration, service, and product reliability. Their points of contact at All Flex Solutions are not changing, and all products will continue to be manufactured on the same equipment in the same locations, which include three facilities and more than 160,000 square feet to support increased capabilities and growing capacity.

All team members have been retained, and each of the more than 340 All Flex Solutions team members, including more than 30 who have been added since the start of the collaboration, are benefitting from enhanced and comprehensive company benefits, training, and wellbeing programs. More job growth is expected to support strong customer demand and continued business growth.

Ken Tannehill, Founder of Printed Circuits, reflected, “Our companies are natural and better together, sharing common values, geography, processes, and customers after having collaborated informally for many years. And I’m delighted that we all have a committed, long-term owner in Granite Partners to provide continuity and care for all our stakeholders for decades to come.” As part of the merger, Ken also fulfilled his personal goal of transitioning to the Board of Directors after serving so effectively as CEO of Printed Circuits for 44 years. We congratulate Ken on his entrepreneurial success and look forward to his continued guidance as a director for years to come.

Looking forward, Dale Nordquist, long-time Board Chair for All Flex and continuing Board Chair for All Flex Solutions, welcomed Kevin Jackson as Chief Executive Officer for the company’s next chapter. “Kevin brings extensive executive experience in industrial and defense-related corporations along with the excellence of his West Point training, an advanced engineering degree, and a distinguished record that includes a Purple Heart for his service as an engineer officer in the United States Army.” Kevin and his family recently moved back to the Twin Cities area, and he joined the company in early July.

Kevin shared, “I am honored to serve in this important leadership role during such an exciting time for All Flex Solutions. Our 340+ expert team members are deeply committed to providing solutions for mission and life critical applications. Our customers are distinguished in their medical, aerospace, and defense niches. Our suppliers are best-in-class. Our company is profitable and well resourced. And, in this orderly transition, all our stakeholders will experience high continuity and continuing growth opportunities.”

Serving with Kevin is an outstanding executive team, including John Fallon as President of the Flexible Circuit Center of Excellence, Matt Tannehill as President of the Rigid Flex Center of Excellence, Joy Fries as Chief Development Officer, and Stacy Colbert as Chief Financial Officer.

Rick Bauerly, Founder & CEO of Granite Partners, noted, “Starting with our investment in All Flex in 2007, and continuing with our investment in Printed Circuits in 2020, All Flex Solutions now solidifies our platform for long-term organic and acquisitive growth for the most demanding interconnect solutions. We support the company’s ultimate contribution to healthier people and a safer world, and we plan to enable its growth for generations.”


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