Blackfox Partners with Evolution Foundation on Veteran Training Program

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Blackfox Training Institute is proud to announce their latest development in their Veteran Advanced Manufacturing Certification program.  This program was originally launched in 2013 more than a hundred Veterans have been through it since.  It was created out of a partnership between Blackfox Training Institute, Lockheed Martin, Colorado Department of Labor & Education, and a deep passion for serving those that have served and protected us.  Over a hundred Veterans were trained and subsequently employed at advanced manufacturing companies along Colorado’s Front Range. 

The training was primarily funded through Workforce Center grants which are no longer available as they are now directed towards other types of programs.  That’s where the Evolution Foundation comes in! Through private and institutional donations, the Evolution Foundation has created a Veteran scholarship program.  By partnering with training organizations such as Blackfox, and working closely with employers, they create opportunities for Veterans to get trained and certified in the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for today.  As the mission of Evolution Foundation aligns so well with Blackfox’s desire to help Veterans, they were one of the initial sponsoring donors that allowed Evolution Foundation to get launched.

With this partnership, Blackfox has revived and refreshed the Veteran Advanced Manufacturing Certification Program.  Both Blackfox and Evolution work closely with manufacturers to identify their immediate and future workforce needs.  From there, they establish a flexible curriculum that fits the exact needs of the positions that the employer is looking to hire for.  After an eligible Veteran is awarded a scholarship, they can enroll in the next available training academy.  During that academy, employers will have access to the students and according to the Evolution Foundation, Premier Employer Partners can even conduct interviews during this time.

The Evolution Foundation just announced that it is now accepting applications for scholarships for the next training academy.  For this round of scholarships they are looking for Veterans with existing technical electronics and soldering skills.  This short 3 week academy will consist of several Blackfox electronics manufacturing skills courses as well as 2 IPC certifications (IPC-A-610 and IPC J-STD-001 w/ Space). The next academy is slated for early to mid-July.  Candidates that successfully graduate from the Veteran Advanced Manufacturing Certification program could be employed as early as August!

This is all made possible by those who choose to make a difference and give back to those who have pledged their lives to protect us.  If you believe in this cause, please consider donating to or volunteering with the Evolution Foundation.

For additional information on training and hiring Veterans, please contact Jahr Turchan.
Ph: (888) 837-9959

For information about Blackfox / IPC training and certification, please contact Sharon Montana-Beard.
Ph: (888) 837-9959


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