Ventec’s USA Facility Receives AS9100-D & ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification

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Ventec International Group is pleased to announce that its US facility in Fullerton (CA), is now certified according to AS9100 Revision D and ISO 9001:2015, the quality-management standard for the aviation, space, and defense industries.

The success of the audit by certifying body Intertek, attests to the high standards consistent throughout the Ventec organization. The Group’s locations in Asia, the United Kingdom and Germany are all certified to AS9100-D, giving OEMs and PCB fabricators access to a highly accredited global supply chain for high-reliability laminates and prepregs.

Ventec’s Fullerton facility provides prepreg and laminate handling facilities including a dedicated laminate cutting area and a temperature- and humidity-controlled clean-room for prepreg cutting and packing. The site supports the company’s complete materials portfolio of high-quality products that includes high-performance polyimides, high-reliability FR4 products compatible with lead free soldering techniques, high-speed/low-loss materials, and thermal management / IMS materials. Alongside Ventec’s tec-speed and tec-thermal material ranges, notable materials for the mil/aero sector include:

VT-901 (IPC QPL Listed) - a polyimide substrate with high flex strength, high glass temperature (Tg), low z-axis CTE, and long T260 and T288 times – to maintain dimensional stability and integrity even under harsh loads. It is a safe non-MDA formula, with low outgassing tested and approved by NASA, available as laminate or prepreg.

VT-901PP LF/NF (IPC QPL Listed) – For best performance in high layer-count rigid-flex applications. Compliant with IPC-4101E /40, multiple grades and resin content with 106 and 1080 glass fabrics allow various pressed thicknesses with excellent surface finish and processability.

VT-447V (IPC QPL Listed) – a halogen-free phenolic laminate/prepreg that combines high resistance to conductive anodic filament (CAF) formation with low Z-axis CTE, high Tg, and 150°C MOT.

VT-441V (IPC QPL Listed) – With high UL MOT of 150°C, VT-441V is a stable and durable choice for ECUs deployed where ambient temperatures are high or where intensive workloads result in elevated internal temperatures. High heat resistance ensures excellent structural integrity, and high CAF resistance ensures excellent reliability where there is risk of humidity or moisture. 

Jack Pattie, General Manager of Ventec's wholly owned subsidiary Ventec USA LLC, commented, “I would like to thank the entire Ventec team in both the USA and around the world, who work relentlessly to consistently ensure that our operations and systems fulfill the strict requirements of AS9100-D. I would also like to thank Steve Williams, President of TRAC, for helping us achieve this important milestone. We are proud to provide the highest assurance of consistently exceptional service for our customers in aviation, space and defense industries. The certification of our USA facility further strengthens our global network and boosts our value proposition for customers in all sectors.”

Mark Goodwin. COO EMEA & America added, “AS9100-D certification positions us with a strong competitive advantage in the USA and allows us to further expand our business development activities in the mil/aero sectors in the region. The certification of our US-facility complements the accreditations at the company’s sites in Asia and Europe and closes the loop to now offer a fully accredited AS9100 manufacturing and distribution/supply chain capability into all regions around the world. Leading OEMs and PCB manufacturers in the aerospace and defense industries can confidently partner with Ventec with full trust in the company’s ability to meet and exceed the increasingly stringent industry requirements for aerospace, defense and military applications globally.”

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