New Managing Director for NCAB Group Denmark

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After 3 successful years as Managing Director for NCAB Denmark and 30 years in the PCB industry, Jan Kronblom Thomsen will leave NCAB Group to pursue other interests. Peter Jensen will take the position as the new Managing Director starting his position 1st of September. Peter has long experience of leading positions within the graphical and prepress industry, most recent from Glunz & Jensen.

The company has grown under Jan´s leadership: “I have been very happy working for NCAB for the last three years. It has been exciting and challenging. The team in Denmark is incredible – extremely service-minded and hard working. The well-balanced organization of sales and technical competence enables us to provide superb service to our customers. I’m very proud of the development in Denmark. In spite of the corona situation we have managed to increase our business and today we are by far the largest PCB provider in Denmark. The future looks bright and I’m confident that Peter will bring even more success for NCAB Denmark and our customers.”

Peter brings along more than 25 years of extensive experience from the graphical industry, including R&D, hardware development, and international sales and have held multiple senior management positions such as Vice President Global Technology and Vice President Global Sales & Service in Europe, US and Asia.

Peter says: “I’m very excited having been given the opportunity to join the NCAB Group and the team in Denmark and thereby be part of the top organization within the PCB industry. We are all aware of the current obstacles in the global industry and together with our team I will do the outmost to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

By providing customer solutions and problem solving as well as understanding regional business culture we will secure new business opportunities to ensure the continued growth in our market. With my international background in global sales and service and supply chain experience from Asian partners, I hope to be able to support both our local team and our colleagues in the group in the best way possible.


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