Absolute EMS Invests in High-End, Large Format Wave Solder System

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Absolute EMS, Inc., a leading provider of turnkey and consignment manufacturing services, has invested in a large format JAGUAR N450 high-end lead and lead-free wave soldering system.

David Godinez, Engineering Manager commented: “The decision to place the JAGUAR N450 in our newly enhanced large format 4.0 factory was simple. This machine offers complete flexibility, while being efficient, energy-saving and simple to operate with built-in safety features.  Our customer verticals demand that we support lead and lead-free manufacturing. The JAGUAR has dual solder pots to accommodate both while running a smooth and quick transition from one product line to the next. It also offers large format capabilities up to 24” wide, which supports our customer needs.”

The JAGUAR N450 offers closed-loop control with an inverter control system to manage stability and accuracy of speed. Independent temperature control in four pre-heating zones with top and bottom heating elements ensures the best heat-efficiency. The double wave furnace can accommodate two boards simultaneously and adapts to various sizes. The built-in nitrogen system ensures smooth and shiny solder joints that adhere to IPC standards.

Additionally, the N450’s powerful software features printed circuit board (PCB) online temperature measurement. The easy to learn control software can be learned in just minutes.

A long-time commitment to sustainability contributes to Absolute EMS leading the way for efficient manufacturing operations among EMS organizations. 



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