BAE Systems Remains Part of Australian Government Defence Effort

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BAE Systems has welcomed an announcement by the Australian Government for a long term commitment to support industrialisation reform and its inclusion of Defence as a key pillar in the Government’s new strategy to underpin the nation’s future manufacturing resilience.

BAE Systems has for more than a decade provided a range of bespoke parts in to the global F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program through its advanced manufacturing facility in South Australia. It is also currently investing millions of dollars into advanced manufacturing in collaboration with industry and academia as it mobilises Australia’s largest ever surface shipbuilding program to build nine submarine hunting warships in South Australia.

The company’s advanced manufacturing and investment in world leading technologies currently provide the Australian Defence Force with the edge it needs across air, land, sea and in the cyber domain now and in the future.

Through its collaboration with Defence, industry and academia over more than 65 years, BAE Systems has delivered world leading disruptive technologies to meet the requirements of the Australian Defence Force. These include the hovering rocket decoy, Nulka and the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN).

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Officer Gabby Costigan said, “The announcement by the Prime Minister today is a show of support for the growth of advanced manufacturing in Australia. A strong and capable manufacturing industry is essential to delivering our modern defence capabilities and rebuilding the nation post COVID-19.

“The Defence industry has enormous potential as a catalyst for economic growth, providing long-term opportunities for industry, highly skilled jobs and potential exports.

“Now more than ever, the investment in and development of Australian made technologies has the potential to both underpin much needed economic growth and meet the technological needs of our defence force.”



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