Airbus, SkyFive to Provide 5G Air-to-Ground Technology Solution for China

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Airbus China Innovation Centre and SkyFive  announced a strategic technology partnership on exploring the development of a 5G Air-to-Ground connectivity solution for the Chinese market. Lu Sun, Head of Airbus China Innovation Centre and Thorsten Robrecht, SkyFive’s CEO signed the cooperation agreement at the 2nd Connected Aircraft China Congress 2020 in Shanghai.

Customers will benefit from true 5G broadband experience whilst providing high-speed internet experience to the passenger and significantly improving operational efficiencies for airlines. Implemented with local telecommunication partners, the solution will transform the inflight connectivity economics providing substantial reduction in costs whilst providing performance benefits.

China has the largest number of mobile internet users in the world. It will become the world’s number one aviation market in the near future and the passenger’s in-flight connectivity will gain priority. With strong local commitment in China and the partnership with China Mobile, Airbus and SkyFive are partnering to develop a 5G Air-to-Ground solution with technology brick demonstration planned for the end of the year. This new Air-to-Ground solution will be available first for the Chinese domestic market and will complement identified capacity constraints of satellite communication solutions.



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