Benchmark Delivering on $51M Order for Advanced Surveillance Technology to U.S. Border Patrol

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Benchmark Electronics, Inc., a global provider of engineering, design, and manufacturing services, announces completion of phase two of five phases toward the delivery of Mobile Video Surveillance Systems (MVSS) to the Department of Homeland Security for use along the U.S. southern border.

This included 137 new systems ordered from Benchmark Secure Technology, adding to Border Patrol's existing fleet of MVSS vehicles provided by Benchmark and already in the field. Remaining units will be delivered by the end of 2021.

"Benchmark's MVSS solution is a truly innovative and cost-effective approach to monitoring the U.S. southern border." said Jeff Benck, president and CEO of Benchmark. "The technology has the potential to provide uncompromised situational awareness while keeping our Border Patrol agents safe. We understand that delivering U.S. designed and manufactured technology that's cost-effective and available at just the right time is a key differentiator for us and greatly needed by our U.S. government customers."

Benchmark helps solve real-world problems by designing technology-rich solutions and then making them a reality by building them in its world-class manufacturing operations. Benchmark Secure Technology's MVSS provides advanced technology, which not only makes U.S. Border Patrol agents more effective in stopping drug smuggling and human trafficking, it also gives them a situational awareness tool to help keep them safe.

The MVSS technology acts as a force-multiplier for Border Patrol agents by fusing data from infrared cameras, laser illuminators, and laser range finders into one situational awareness picture. Incorporating PureActiv™ surveillance software from Benchmark's innovative partner PureTech Systems Inc., the MVSS effectively presents the information in a way that does not overload the agent with raw data from multiple sources, including automatically identifying intruders and distinguishing them from animals at a range of greater than six miles. Once identified, the system has the ability to automatically track intruders and provide the GPS coordinates to the user and other Border Patrol agents. The MVSS system is rugged enough to be used in an off-road operation.



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