DGWorld Brings the Future of AI and Digitization with ‘WIZO’

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DGWorld, the leading AI and Digitalization Company, has launched the new version of its humanoid robot at the Ai Everything Summer Conference held on July 16, 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

WIZO serves a multi-functional purpose in pushing beyond the boundaries and limitations of a service robot with big data analysis & management, centralized control system, safe & secure database, multimodal interaction, flexible movement, facial recognition, speech engine, proprietary SLAM technology for autonomous navigation, and automatic docking & recharging.

Eng. Bilal Al-Zoubi, Founder and CEO at DGWorld said, “DGWorld aims to create sustainable solutions by utilizing the power of AI. The new and improved WIZO will make a positive impact on the way business is done and optimize the human experience. By delegating standard tasks to the robot, employees can focus on human qualities that allow them to excel and flourish.”

Hardware and software features can be added to the humanoid robot to meet the business needs. Temperature checking, Payment system and Integration with mobile apps to name a few. The flexibility in customization makes WIZO versatile in a wide variety of industries like Retail, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Government services.

“As life is slowly going back to ‘normal’ with the current pandemic, some of the precautions taken are here to stay. Limiting human contact will limit the spread of any virus. Deploying WIZO at entry check-points, reception desk, or to take care of specific tasks will result in work efficiency and more importantly help people stay safe. We all know robots are part of the future. “The future has already started.” Eng. Bilal-Al-Zoubi continued.

This is the third version of humanoid robots that DGWorld has developed. The first two versions were 3D printed and completely manufactured by the company including all hardware and software. With the latest WIZO, DGWorld wanted to reduce costs, save manufacturing time and increase the quality, therefore, the company chose a reliable vendor to work with and enable the intelligent features.



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