IEC and Partners Address COVID-19

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To our valued customers,

We first want to say thank you for your continued business and support.

All of us at IEC, Eternal, Kodak, RBP, and Rogers want you to know that we are here to continue servicing and supplying you with our products. With the acceleration of COVID-19 we thought it best to provide you with an update of our manufacturing and supply chain status.


At this point our Northern California, Chicago, and Canadian operations remain open and fully operational. We are working with our 3rd party warehouses and they too remain open and have been deemed essential.

At present, we are not experiencing any direct impacts from our materials suppliers. The current situation is however, both complex and dynamic and we remain in frequent communication with our direct suppliers located here and abroad to ensure delivery of materials as planned.

Regards, Shawn Stone & Chuck Williams


Our Richmond plant remains fully operational. 95% of all dry-film supplied to North American customers comes from this location. We supply a small amount of film from Japan and Taiwan along with some raw materials and to date none of these sites or supply chains have been disrupted. Further updates include the following:

- The state of Virginia has shut down “nonessential business”, but our manufacturing plant is exempt. We also are a critical supplier to electronics, medical devices and the military and will continue to be allowed to operate as normal.

- We have no employees to date that have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

- We are strictly following “social distancing” rules, cancelling all non-essential visitors, and providing face masks and plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the plant.

- We are also working remotely and cancelled all noncritical travel

Regards, Bob Ferguson



New York State ordered all nonessential business in the state to close effective 8:00PM Sunday, March 22. We received the following exception:

Thank you for seeking designation as an “essential business” pursuant to the New York State Executive Order 202.6. Based on the information you have provided, your business enterprise is an essential business and your business location is not subject to the required 100% workforce reduction pursuant to Executive Order 202.6.

- All facets of PCB film manufacturing are in Rochester, New York and remain at 100% capacity.

- We are doing everything to minimize the number of people on the site and conduct best practices regarding cleanliness and social distancing.

- All non-essential travel has been cancelled.

- We are taking steps to allow only essential visitors to enter Kodak buildings.

We continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and take steps guided by recommendations from official resources such as the World Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and local medical professionals.

Regards, Tom Brennan


Our Milwaukee plant remains in full operation to service all of North America. To date, none of our suppliers or supply chain partners have been disrupted. We are in constant contact with both our suppliers and IEC and our supply chain remains robust. Further updates include the following:

- The state of Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” order of March 25 has shut down “nonessential business,” but our manufacturing plant is exempt. We maintain critical supplier status as we serve the electronic, medical device, graphic arts, and military industries and will continue to operate as normal.

- We are strictly following “social distancing” rules, cancelling all non-essential visitors, and providing face masks, hand sanitizers, and appropriate controls throughout our operation.

- To date no employees have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

- Most of our administrative staff is working remotely and we have cancelled all travel, unless deemed absolutely critical.

Regards, Ernie Litynski


Rogers' first priority is always the health and safety of our employees. With the continued acceleration of COVID-19, this commitment has never been more important to us.

As of March 24, all factories continue to operate with the additional safety precautions that have been put in place. Please see below for updates regarding the most frequently requested information:

Employee Safety & Well-Being

· Our Pandemic Site Teams and the Global Pandemic Leadership Team continue to meet daily, collaborating to prioritize employee safety

· We are offering additional flexibility in our attendance policy and providing monetary support for employees to care for primary dependents, including childcare coverage

· All out-of-pocket costs will be waived for the COVID-19 test and associated office visits


· We are following evolving government safety regulations in the global regions where we operate our manufacturing facilities

· Operations are being managed as needed to ensure compliance with local guidelines

· We are continuing to update and implement our contingency plans daily to respond to the developing situation

Supply Chain

· The majority of our suppliers are operating their manufacturing facilities with required precautions, with no major delays

· Currently, there are no known material shortages

· Extended lead-times in transportation continue due to capacity constraints and local government restrictions

Rogers’ Global operations and supply chain infrastructure provide a level of flexibility that we are leveraging during this time to minimize any negative impact on you, our valued customers. We appreciate your ongoing support and wish you well as we all navigate through this uncertainty.

Regards, Mark Burns



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