TTM Technologies, Inc. Announces Opening of Engineering Center in Binghamton, NY

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TTM Technologies, Inc., a leading global printed circuit board (“PCB”) products, radio frequency (RF) components and engineered solutions manufacturer, has announced the opening of a new Engineering Center in Binghamton, NY. Following the acquisition of manufacturing and intellectual property assets from i3 Electronics, Inc., TTM Technologies (TTM) has hired a number of engineering experts previously employed by i3 to strengthen its advanced PCB technology capabilities and extend its patent portfolio for emerging applications for the aerospace and defense and high end commercial markets. 

The opening of the engineering center is a core differentiator for TTM. Coupling the acquired technology and engineering resources with TTM’s existing manufacturing footprint and diverse capabilities allows TTM to expand its technology offering to new and existing programs across defense and commercial end-markets. The application of the HyperBGA technology is already being utilized in TTM’s leading edge 5G products, providing customers with unparalleled performance and miniaturization possibilities.

“We are excited to add this cutting edge technology to TTM’s broad base of PCB expertise in North America for deployment in both our commercial and aerospace & defense end-markets,” said Tom Edman, CEO of TTM Technologies. “We believe the acquisition of this technology will allow TTM to address key growth opportunities for advanced applications in the defense and commercial markets, aligning with TTM’s strategy to provide differentiated technical capability and value for our customers.”



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