2020 Beijing Nadcap Meeting

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In February 2020, the Nadcap® program will conduct a full meeting in Beijing, China.

Over the last 10 years, the Nadcap program has been growing steadily. Much of this growth is being driven by the rapid development of the aerospace industry in Asia. The region has experienced an average of 12% growth in Nadcap audits over the last 10 years, the fastest growing region for Nadcap audits around the world. In addition, three Asian multinational companies became Nadcap Subscribers in recent years: COMAC, Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd) and Singapore Technologies Aerospace; and AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Company became a Provisional Subscriber. Ltd.

Wendy Jiang, the Research Fellow of COMAC and member of the Nadcap Management Council (NMC) explains “To build on this growth and to support Suppliers and Subscribers in Asia, the Nadcap Management Council has decided the February 2020 Nadcap meeting will be held in Beijing, China on February 24-27, 2020. To facilitate participation and better understanding of the Nadcap program by Asian aerospace companies, the meeting will include extensive training opportunities delivered by PRI TrainingSM as well as opportunities to network with Subscriber representatives throughout the week. I strongly encourage Nadcap companies from all around the globe to attend this meeting if they can as it will be beneficial in many ways.”

Nadcap meetings see their attendance constantly growing over the years. The recent Pittsburgh, USA, Nadcap meeting 2019 saw over 1,100 attendees from all around the world for the first time, with an increasing number of attendees from Asia.


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