Digital Locations to Develop Cell Towers for the 5G Revolution

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Digital Locations, Inc., a developer of cell tower sites for the 5G revolution, today announced that it will focus its resources on developing a portfolio of cell tower sites to help meet the expected demand of rapidly growing 5G networks. 

5G wireless networks are expected to be 100 times faster than current 4G LTE networks. This will enable global scale killer applications such as self-driving cars, the Internet of things (IOT), mobile streaming of 4K videos, real-time hologram-based collaboration, and lag-free high definition gaming.

To realize this vision, many new 5G broadcast locations are needed because high frequency 5G signals cannot travel farther than 100 meters. It is estimated that more than 1 million new 5G cell towers must be added in the US alone.

“In the past, Digital Locations focused on technology development, which can be a long and costly road to success,” said Bill Beifuss, the Company’s President. “Alternatively, the cell tower business not only offers us tremendous opportunities for growth, but also provides strong and predictable cash flow, very much like the real estate industry.”

Mr. Beifuss concluded, “To rapidly enter the market, Digital Locations plans to partner or co-develop a portfolio of cell tower sites. We intend to leverage our technology history and expertise to become a 'landlord' of tomorrow’s wireless communications assets.”



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