Assisi Animal Health to Launch Non-Invasive ‘Calmer Canine’ Technology

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ADM Tronics Unlimited announced that Assisi Animal Health an ADMT customer, is launching a new veterinary therapy device, trademarked “Calmer Canine.”  

The non-invasive electrotherapy device technology was developed for Assisi by ADMT and is being manufactured at ADMT’s Northvale, NJ medical device manufacturing facility.   ADMT also developed and manufactures Assisi’s Veterinary Loop anti-inflammatory therapy devices.

The Calmer Canine has been under development at ADMT for Assisi over the past 18 months.  It is a highly innovative, gentle, effective, safe and drug-free treatment system for canine separation anxiety, which is anxiety or fear-related behavior that can occur when owners leave their dog alone. The Calmer Canine device delivers targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) signals to the area of the brain responsible for causing the symptoms of anxiety. It effectively returns the anxious brain to a more balanced emotional state with long-lasting effects. 

Early evidence suggests Calmer Canine may also help dogs with other anxieties and fears, such as thunder phobia, noise sensitivity, travel anxiety, general anxiety, and situational anxiety. Calmer Canine has been proven to work alone without other treatments or training and is safe to use with other solutions for anxiety, such as medications.

Approximately 17% or 13 million dogs in the US alone are estimated to suffer from CSA.  Assisi completed a pilot study testing the efficacy of Calmer Canine on dogs with CSA. All participating dogs showed a marked reduction of CSA symptoms within four weeks of starting treatment. Some dogs showed significant effects within an even shorter timeframe. Many retained or even continued to improve after treatments had been discontinued, suggesting long-lasting effects of Calmer Canine treatment.

“Since beginning our relationship with ADMT in 2014, Assisi has benefited greatly from the consistent commitment of Andre and the ADMT team to Assisi’s product development and manufacturing needs,” stated Frank Russo, COO of Assisi. “The Calmer Canine is but the latest Assisi breakthrough product realized through their expertise, creativity and resourcefulness, with more breakthroughs to follow.”

Andre’ DiMino, President and CEO of ADMT, said, “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Assisi team in the development of the Calmer Canine.  We are excited about the potential for this breakthrough technology and its ability to safely and effectively treat anxiety problems in dogs.  As previously announced, we recently expanded our manufacturing areas to accommodate the projected sales volume of this new technology.”

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About ADMT

ADMT is a diversified, technology-based developer and manufacturer of innovative technologies and products.  Its core competency is its ability to conceptualize a technology, bring it through development, into manufacturing and commercialization, all in-house.  ADMT has three areas of activity: Proprietary Medical Devices; Medical Device Design, Engineering, Regulatory and Manufacturing Services; and Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Formulations.  The Company’s headquarters, laboratories, FDA-Registered medical device and manufacturing operations are in Northvale, NJ.  ADMT’s multi-disciplinary team of engineers, researchers and technologists utilize advanced technology infrastructure, such as rapid 3-D prototyping, precision instrumentation and specialized software and peripherals, for research, development and commercialization of diversified technologies. Additional information is available at the Company’s website. Visit




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