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Beaulieu: What are some of the technologies you have invested in?

Yarbrough: We have KIC software for optimizing the reflow profile. The next addition I’m planning on is an AOI unit for faster inspection, and an SMT rework station eventually. Again, we recently bought the second MyData12E SMT machine. One reason we use MyData SMT machines is they do parts verification during assembly on the caps and resistors. The AOI will help verify orientation, polarity, missing components, and solder quality. A couple of years ago, we moved into a beautiful new facility where we are adding a work cell for box build, as I mentioned earlier.

Beaulieu: Speaking of quality, what qualifications, certifications, and registrations do you have and why do they give you an advantage over other companies?

Yarbrough: Our quality management system is ISO 9001 2015 registered. We build most products to IPC-610, Class 3 standards. Our assemblers are certified to the J standard and have ESD training. Anyone with enough money can buy equipment, but we offer our service. I always tell my associates that we are a “service organization.” The defining signature of our brand is customer service. Everyone in the company is focused on meeting the commitments to our customers. This not only includes meeting the delivery schedule but also customer satisfaction with the sales process, quoting activity, purchase order processing, C of Cs, packaging, delivery, and follow up after the sale.

Beaulieu: What types of companies as customers are you best suited to work for?

Yarbrough: The ideal sweet spot for us is a customer who is focused on high-technology assemblies, needs time-sensitive delivery, and has low-volume products, which could be one piece up to 1,000 units, depending on the size and complexity. We are not competing in the high-volume consumer products, which typically go to offshore players with very low margins.

Beaulieu: How do you see the market today?

Yarbrough: Speaking truthfully, 2017 was a difficult year coming off of several years of sequestration in the military market. However, 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for sales. This is particularly true in the markets we compete in, which are military, medical, mining, and industrial.

Beaulieu: What are the challenges for competing in that market?

Yarbrough: Building long-term relationships with our suppliers is key and having established channels for components is critical. Some components are very difficult to get as the demand grows and the market and economy heat up.

Beaulieu: We touched on this a little bit earlier, but to re-iterate, what you do consider great customer service?

Yarbrough: To me, the key is to under commit and over perform. We strive to always meet or exceed the commitments we make for quality and delivery.

Beaulieu: How do you sell at YES? What works for you?

Yarbrough: Most of our business is based on long-term relationships, word of mouth, and customers moving from one company to another or changing jobs. Tucson is a small, tight-knit community, and word spreads very quickly. We use some commissioned reps in certain parts of the country. The fact that we are the only real player in the Tucson area helps as well. Some people go to Phoenix or Mexico, but they do not get the service we deliver; they are usually just price shoppers and do not have the loyalty we like.

Beaulieu: What are your thoughts for the future of your company?

Yarbrough: We have spent the last year upgrading our capabilities. Now, we are poised for growth and should be able to double sales with the capacity we have. Thus, the next step is to grow our business to meet or hopefully exceed the added capacity we have invested in. I am very excited to see what the future brings.

Beaulieu: I am too, Darrel. Let’s do this again in a year and see how things are going.

Yarbrough: Sounds like a plan.

For more information about Yarbrough Electronics Sales, visit www.yespcb.



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