Field Failure is Not an Option

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Las Marias: What are the key factors that OEMs should consider when choosing an EMS partner?

Gavelis: Key factors that OEMs should consider when choosing an EMS partner are: 1) What is the challenge I am trying to solve for my supply chain and how does this company address that? In many cases, OEMs are looking for an EMS that can help to solve challenges, minimize supply chain risk, and deliver solutions, not just manufacture the product. 2) Do they have the experience with the types of highly engineered/mission critical products that require a sophisticated level of manufacturing capabilities? Being a partner to A&D companies requires more than just an SMT line, it requires the know-how and advanced capabilities such as design & test engineering and vertical manufacturing to truly maximize the efficiency and responsiveness for their business.

Las Marias: What is your outlook for the overall military/aerospace industry market this year and the next?

Gavelis: Given the current global political climate, we see growth opportunity in the military and aerospace industry. With sequestration as well as recent international tensions, it is imperative that companies are ready to respond to the dynamic global market.

Las Marias: Do you have any final comments?

Gavelis: IEC’s mission is to be the most customer-centric manufacturing partner by minimizing supply chain risks and solving complex technical challenges for life-saving and mission critical products. As a 100% US-based small company, that is over 50 years old, we are focused on continuing to deliver solutions to the aerospace and defense industry because we understand that field failure is not an option.

Las Marias: Thank you very much.

Gavelis: You’re welcome.

This article was originally published in the July 2017 issue of SMT Magazine.


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