Accurate Engineering Purchases New Hot Air Solder Leveler from New Technology Overman

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California based circuit board manufacturer, Accurate Engineering has purchased a new NTO-1824LF HASL machine to upgrade that process and give their customers an unsurpassed surface finish.  The NTO HAL machines offer easy access to the solder pump via a quick disconnect mounting plate and are very easy to remove for cleaning of the pump area.  The NTO machine, in combination with the Quick Flex fixture, can process flex and thin core as well as rigid panels.  NTO offers several sizes of machines as well as custom features upon request.

Shital Desai, C.O.O. of Accurate Engineering, states, “David Dye of Quick Turn, Inc. has helped us maintain our older Avalon HAL machine for years in order to keep us running after Avalon closed. We knew that by purchasing from him we would receive the same support as he has given to us on a machine he didn’t even sell.  NTO offered several size options, so we were able to purchase just what we needed to fit our budget.” 

About Accurate Engineering

Located in Sun Valley, California, Accurate Engineering was founded in 1971 and is a leading producer of Flex, Rigid-Flex and Rigid PCBs for the military and consumer industries. Accurate Engineering has won numerous awards for excellence and environmental compliance as well as the U.S. Small Business Administration's Award for Excellence. For more information on Accurate Engineering click here.

About New Technology Overman (NTO)

Netherlands-based New Technology Overman specializes in designing, developing, drawing and manufacturing of mechanical parts, machines, and equipment for surface treatment processes in the PCB industry, specializing in HASL machines and automatic or manual vertical plating lines.

NTO strives to be a substantial and reliable service provider in mechanical engineering, services, machines, and parts.

For more detailed information visit their website or contact David Dye of Quick Turn, Inc. Ph. 479-466-6586



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