IPC Supports EU Skills Agenda

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IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries has issued a position paper, “The New EU Skills Agenda: Addressing the Skills Gap Facing the European Advanced Manufacturing Industry” in support of the EU Skills Agenda which seeks to improve the quality of European labor market.

IPC stands ready to work with the European Commission, the Member States and stakeholders to tackle our common challenges including the lack of relevant skills to match labor market needs, insufficient comparability of skills and qualifications, and the difficulty to anticipate skills that would be needed in the future,” said IPC President and CEO John Mitchell.  “Addressing the current skills gaps will have a multiplying effect -- translating into more innovation, more growth, more competitiveness and more high-quality jobs in the EU.”

Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce has become an increasingly important factor of competitiveness in a globalized market place. Recruiting the necessary talent is a fundamental concern for the advanced manufacturing industry in Europe, which consists of more than 700,000 enterprises and employs more than 13 million people. “With 35 training Centers across Europe that improve the skills of approximately 14,000 employees per year in the EU, as well as online training possibilities, IPC is a credible and reliable source for electronics education for the electronics industry,” Mitchell added.

IPC presented its position on the EU Skills agenda today during its IMPACT Europe event in Brussels. For more information on IPC’s position paper, “The New EU Skills Agenda: Addressing the Skills Gap Facing the European Advanced Manufacturing Industry,” visit IPC’s website.



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