Government relations are essential to our industry as many of the policy debates taking place will have long-lasting impact on our industry. Tax and regulations reform, immigration, and environmental regulations are up for debate and it is time for our industry to take a seat at the table.

John Bushie, director of technology with American Standard Circuits, talks about the microwave market with Guest Editor Judy Warner. The discussion ranges from material types to market demand to the need for PCB designers to work closely with their board supplier.


There has long been debate over the exact location of the geographical centre of England, but the village of Meriden has traditionally laid claim to the title, and it offered an appropriate Midlands venue for the Institute of Circuit...

EPTE Newsletter: One Step Closer to Transparent Electronics

March 21, 2017 | Dominique Numakura, DKN Research

Transparent electronics is an emerging technology for printed circuit design. This technology was considered an unattainable or fanciful goal for electronic devices because the substrate materials (glass/epoxy boards and polyimide...

Our next manager to highlight is Jeff Riedel, the Lean Champion at Saline Lectronics. Jeff talks about the unique challenges of dealing with and training millennials, the advantages that they bring to the table, and strategies to help...

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